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Vampire books (1 Viewer)


I have read:

Interview with the Vampire is a great book..

and Crimson Blood by ? Barker is REALLY good.. involves sex scenes with vampires... during the process of making love, they will feed on one another at the same time.. brings out the blood lust in me... the book has more to the series however i cannot get hold of them because they are american i think...


My friends and family and I read the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, and really after the third book it's all down hill for that series. It get's pretty lame. Still, the first three books were good.

My friends and family have since moved on to the Luara K. Hamilton seires of Vampire books and they all swear by them. I haven't personally read them though as I just haven't been into the Vampire stories lately.


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I *LOVE* the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton. I have read them many times. =]

I also enjoy the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. They do start to get a little odd but I still love them. =] Lestat is my favorite Vampire, and book! =]


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i love all vampire stuff... i havent read many vampire books tho, (just a few buffy books) but i have seen heaps of vampire movies... :D


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Barb & JC Hendee have a fun vampire series. It's less of a horror and more of a dark fantasy. The first book in the series (there are three books out currently) is Dhampir.


"Memnoch the Devil" I think its like the 4th or 5th book in the Vampire series by Rice. A good read.

"Salems Lot" Stephen King, another good read


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Bram Stoker's Dracula is an awesome read. Definately look into it if you haven't already. I'm surprised it's only been brought up in passing...


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kitaria, i think me and you will get along fine!! YEA!! I LUV vampires!! Wicked I'm totally interested in the book you mentioned. "Crimson Blood" by ? Barker! Wondering if you can try to found out the first name of the author for me! I'd appreciate it!! :D
I know she's already been mentioned a couple times, but she deserves another mention. Of course, I'm speaking of Anne Rice, but more specifically Blackwood Farm (which is on sale right now at Waldenbooks in the bargain section for like $5.99) and its sequel, Blood Canticles. Another really good book of hers is Blood & Gold.

Like JK Rohling, Rice creates another world within our own that humans know very little about. In comparison with today's gory vampire novels, such as Salem's Lot (don't get me wrong...I love Salem's Lot!), Rice delves into the history and politics of being a vampire. I'd certainly suggest any of her books....but.... ;) You might want to save yourself some time and stay away from her erotic novels under her pseudonom. The plots are a little weak, and her sexual "experiences" are REALLY disturbing!


Bram Stoker's Dracula and Stephen King's Salem's Lot are obvious picks for great vampire novels. I've never really been interested in the vampire genre myself, but my roomate read Brian Lumley's Necroscope series non-stop. They seem to be an easy read with lots of good vampire action with governmental consipiracy stuff mixed in.


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''I am legend'' by R. Matheson is excellent. So is ''Salem's lot'' and The Necroscope series by Lumley(as the last guy pointed out.).Some good reading that doesnt treat vampires like porn stars.


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My liver, if it were dyspeptic, would be better equipped to create a well written and enjoyable novel than Anne Rice. Her "Vampire Choronicles" have semi-engaging plotlines with a limited appeal that is entirely destroyed by poor writing and intensely annoying characters. They start from there and get worse.


Dracula is where it's at, although you'll probably find the sedate pace difficult and Van Helsing's six page monologue (or thereabouts) was more than slightly taxing. Sex on a stick though, amazed he got away with it in its day.

'Salems Lot is also mighty fine and has faster pacing.

I tend to view the vampires in those stories as the wild wolves and the vampires in the Anne-Rice-type tales as the fluffy poodles.

Matter of taste, obviously =)


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I read the Vampire Chronicles and liked the first few at the time.

I've read a few books based on Stokers dracula that were decent.

The best vampire books I've ever read were the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley. He takes Vampires to a level never seen before and throws all kinds of killer stuff in to keep you glued to the page. I would recommend them to anyone.


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Start with the first: Necroscope.

Although my favorites were the books that dealth with sunside/starside themselves, I read the series from beginning to end. I prefer to read stories in the correct order to get the full effect.


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kitaria said:
... brings out the blood lust in me... the book has more to the series however i cannot get hold of them because they are american i think...
oooooh! Kitaria, you're MY kinda gal! I have a great idea for a trade....