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V/O Or O/S (1 Viewer)

I have a script in which the M/C hears his dead father's voice speak to him. Now, for the dialogue, what do I use, Voice over or off screen? I think it would be V/O since the guy is dead and only the M/C can hear him. Hopefully, I'm right.


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you're right, but you're wrong! ;-)

it would be V.O. [or VO] since the character speaking is not physically anywhere in the scene and is only heard... but it's not typed V/O in standard screenwriting format...

O.S. [or OS] is used when the character speaking is in the scene, but just not seen at the time s/he's speaking... such as when someone is speaking from an adjoining room or behind a closed door...

V.O. is also used for all 'over a speaker' type dialog... such as for the other party to a telephone conversation, airport announcements, and such...

fyi, for tv sitcoms, O.C. [off camera] is used instead of O.S. [off screen]...

hope that helps... love and hugs, maia
Thanks Maia,
I thought it was V.O. but just wanted to make sure. I guess laziness sets in when one relys on the formatting software . . . Thanks for the correction on V.O. not V/O. !