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Using your dreams as inspiration. Anyone else do it? (1 Viewer)

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I realise everybody else dreams differently, and some don't have very vivid dreams or remember them at all. So this thread likely won't apply to everyone here.

I'm fortunate enough to be somebody who dreams pretty vividly on a regular basis. I find myself waking up thinking a lot of my dreams were real, and often times I can remember quite a lot about them. I never understood how lucky I am to be like this, and only started taking advantage of it a few weeks ago.

I have started to keep a notebook near my bed for when I have extremely vivid dreams and as soon as I wake up I jot down things I can remember. It has helped a lot with struggling for things to write, and just giving me ideas. Dreams can be an untapped pool of ideas to pull from.

If you dream like I do, I highly recommend giving it a go. :victorious:
Oh yes, definitely. A military sf-horror story I recently posted in the Workshop is based on a dream I had. Sometimes I can even remember specific dialogue from dreams, and sometimes it's surprisingly good (the line "the sun is black, and I will tear it from the sky" came directly from a dream). I'm also working on a novella based on a dream. Often, I just have to change details because my dreams often contain copyrighted materiel, lol. I like working from a dream because my conscious brain struggles with structure and plot more than anything, and stories from dreams already have the main beats worked out.


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Once in a while, a few lines of prose will come almost word-for-word from a dream. Most dreams are fairly incoherent or uninteresting to anyone but the dreamer, though.


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Dreams are a large source of inspiration for me, and I love having a vivid, detailed dream that I can remember and just feels like it needs to
be told in story form. A couple of the romance stories I have written came to me in dreams, and it took me some time to make point form
notes of the events in the dream and interpret them fully.

A couple weeks ago, I had a partial dream in which a possible story idea came from. Said idea has been floating around in my head since
then, but I'm not sure how to write it. The story involves a hotel in which there are several subplots going on within it's doors:

1) A couple plotting a murder
2) Slick criminals planning to rip off the casino
3) Two members of the hotel management staff fighting for power

I am as of yet unsure how to tie it all together, as each subplot are their own little stories happening at the same time. This is what happens
when a dream fragments and only leaves me with part of what I need. I have no doubt that I will start writing this at some point, but I need
to iron out more details.



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I think the stories that my dreams give that I know I really want to write have so much to do with my emotional core that I don't think anyone else would be able to write that particular story. They are usually allegories for what my heart really needs. Things that I wouldn't be able to even understand about myself without the dream.

But I can't expect to write them all and I find it really fun to just write a couple of the ones I know I won't turn into stories in threads like this or to tell my husband about. "Do you know what I was DOING in my sleep last night? Well I wasn't with you. I was with some guy I didn't know and we were in a house with ghosts and he...." LOL

Also... some people are REALLY good at interpreting dreams. I wrote one of mine out in a "dream thread" where I was suddenly an American Indian Shaman woman. I was in a group or tribe at a Christian funeral and all of a sudden (and it wasn't considered wrong) I started to bang on a huge drum I was holding (kind of like a Saami Shaman drum) and I started to sing and then I spoke and kind of prophesied. I was pretty surprised that it felt so very physical and that I was speaking a different language. A person got on and said "Are you moving into the position of matriarch in your family?" And I said "Sort of....I guess that is how I acted the other day." Anyway... I really think dreams are usually fascinating!


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I've dreamed complete books before. In fact, once I get done with my current trilogy, I'll be writing one that started as a dream.

Wow, that sounds incredible. I have never quite dreamed that vividly, but I often dream in 'chapters' I guess. If you meshed them all together, you could probably form a sort of story.

I had one the other night about being on a train with two women sat across from me, and we were flirting, I was sad to wake up and realise it wasn't real.

Some great responses in here!


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All of my stories have been based on dreams. I relate to being a vivid, frequent dreamer. Most people I know dream incoherent nonsense or forget about their dreams, so I consider myself lucky.

I have noticed my dreams have been way more vivid since I started writing again. Maybe I'm just noticing it more, but it honestly feels like my brain is thinking more creatively as of late.


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I dream a lot and write down the interesting ones, but they never spring into full stories. I've dreamed of the things that I wanted to write before, but never a 'dream turning into a story idea' type of thing.


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While I find some dreams are elusive on waking, others are so real they stay with me. I do like to make a note of these, just in case I need for future reference.


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Without vivid dreams, I would not write. I also find a lot of my actual content - or many seeds of it - are what I call hypnogogic artifacts; little snippets of doggerel or brief scenes or whatnot ever else, coming just before sleep.

Only challenge is I'm not sleeping super well right now, so it's a bit of a wasteland in there...


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'Night Terrors' are so well catalogued...as the cerebral conjunction of fluids and porridge...provokes sensation of devil riding on the chest...honk.


I tell ya my nightmares in Norwich were the best, '74, before the amputation of my eyes.
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