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Use this line in a poem. (1 Viewer)


Friends of WF
You told me not to tell him
but what else could I do
he laughed and joked
and sang a song
with spinach in his tooth

woman’s best friend is

Olly Buckle

Crawling through the maze of maize
We found a place where we could laze
Throughout the afternoons of days
Unseen, undisturbed, unfazed.

Hidden by leaves to the upright
Below the radar, out of sight
Along a path twisty and tight
An escape from the uptight
between the stalks.

Next, a dress that belonged to his sister


Friends of WF
He always loved that dress
He always loved those shoes
A dress that belonged to his sister
Was his to wear on the cruise

next: Has anyone seen my keys?


Has anyone seen my keys?
Or at least my meds for today?
I have to get to work, and
I'm sure I won't have a good day
I keep forgetting things
That I do not wish to forget
But imagine, in the hustle and bustle outside
I forgot to bring my jacket

Next line: I left my pen beside the bookcase

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Friends of WF
I left my pen beside the bookcase
So strange, it doesn’t belong there
What was I thinking or not thinking at all
I must have hundred, black, fine, some small
Now where’s the paper, is it in the same place
My mind needs a zip drive not WhiteOut erase

Next: I’d love to....
I'd love to fall, slow-motion fall
into the black spaces in between the stars,
into the great blue spaces in between the islands
that fester with life--

The joke, sometimes, isn't funny anymore;
after all, it's so large, and easy to forget
that gravity exists.
But if the world was smaller,
and the humor subtler,
could I ever laugh out loud?

I'd love to fall, slow-motion fall,
slow as the speed of sound,
from galaxy to galaxy
for years and years,
laughing all the way--

They shouldn't have called it the Big Bang,
because it was a crack, really,
cracking a joke--
I don't get it, yet,
but it's so, so good,
just like God said
in the beginning.

New line: a pair of silver scales
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Friends of WF
A pair of golden errings
a pair of silver scales
a pair diamond bracelets
will bring me home to Wales

I’ve always thought you beautiful


Friends of WF
Your nose is cold and rather large
often wet, sometimes runny
Your tongue is warm, your breath not bad
furry hair long and wirery
you make my day, enhance my life
I’ve always thought you beautiful

We danced all day into the night


Friends of WF
Hazel greens meet mocha browns
smiles invite holding hands
along white sands under salted mist
we danced all day into the night

foot tapping, hand clapping

Olly Buckle

Rhythm starts flowing
And the body gets going
Foot tapping, hand clapping
Finger clicking thigh slapping.

Coming on top
Body won't stop
Moving to the sound
going round and round.

Not distressed
But still possesed
Waking up as the beat
Starts the tapping of feet.

Next, 'Remembering past and distant times'


WF Veterans
remembering past and distant times
our memories traveled with the beat
of metric poems or songs with rhymes
the scansion, the refrain's repeat
before we knew to write things down
our option was to vocalize
we passed stuff on by rhythmic sound
and had our stories memorized

next: you have to watch the quiet ones


Senior Member
you have to watch the quiet ones
the come and go in different ways
they show up so they shouldn't
and disrupt what they couldn't
you have to watch the quiets ones
they're too much too little
and it is their acquital

each step of the way towards the hay


Friends of WF
Clip clop, clip clop, head shakes a fluttering lip
and a spray of bubbled nasal slime darts to
parts unknown
a slight yawn, tongue and teeth exposed
each step of the way towards the hay

The goat and rabbit played checkers


Senior Member
The goat and rabbit played checkers

On the fantastic farm
New Delhi way
The mice live in homes multi-deckers

The pigs ne'er know harm
The cat's are all stray
And the goat and rabbit played checkers

The mule's a gendarme
The sheep sleep all day
And of all things, the cooks are woodpeckers

Of those, the most forgotten


Friends of WF
Of those, the most forgotten
the everyday moments of twenty four years

Of those, the most remembered
the everyday moments of twenty four years

Have you ever wondered


Friends of WF
Have you ever wondered if X-Files are real
Have you ever thought Games of Thrones could
possibly conceal
a code in plain sight a treasure revealed
Have you noticed lately, ever wondered maybe
if the Matrix is real

When the sun sets

Olly Buckle

When the sun sets
we forget.
Immersed in red gold glory
the sequence of the story
does not come to mind
until we find
ourselves in darkness.

Next, 'Quiet and reserved, he observed.'


Senior Member
James Bond was never heard
to say a superfluous word
quiet and reserved
he observed
'dry Martini, shaken not stirred'

next - where the bluebells grow



Senior Member
Still and quiet is the night
Hidden from a chaotic world
Smoke and sirens; hustle and bustle
Traded in for earth, wind and silence
Where the bluebells grow
Where the blue birds crow
Hidden from the violence

Sip from the cup

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