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Upon This Ocean I Must Sail (1 Viewer)


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Upon this ocean I must sail,
And navigate the feeling waves,
Through sleepless nights and lonely days,
Through rains of doubt and discontent,
As well the pounding of the gale,
And every challenge it presents.

Upon this ocean I must sail,
And be the master of my ship,
Hold firm the wheel within my grip,
And bravely face down every storm,
Then use the calm to my avail,
On waters glass and airs of warm.

Though to the wind I could give in,
And blow so aimlessly about,
And leave the wheel to freely spin,
Perhaps upon the rocks impale,
Or capsize to a tragic end…
But on this ocean I must sail,
Maintain attention most devout,
As on the many waves I scend.
For in devotion I am free,
To see this ocean's majesty.
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