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Up-to-date info on airline stewardesses...er, flight attendants? (1 Viewer)


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So for the next installment I'm plotting out right now, I'd like to put one of my angel characters into the human world as a flight attendant, presumably for British Airways...very free to move about. I think that I can make the angel side of her character believable, but what about the professional side? Where could I go for recent information about life, both personal and professional, in the airline industry? It's been a while since the day of the "Coffee, Tea, or Me?" gals! [Edit To Add: Which I now see were ghost-written and largely fictitious...why am I not surprised?]

For what it's worth this is being set in a kind of alternate reality, and COVID isn't part of it at all...so I'm looking mainly for pre-COVID material.


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There are some good shows/movies:

HBO: The Fligth Attendant (2021)

Netflix: Larry Gaye: Renagade Male Fligth Attendant (2015)

Netflix: Flight (2012) (This one is a true story)

Prime Video: Flight Plan (2005)

Netflx: View From The Top (2003)

Akso a recent Novel: The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian (2018 )

This is a list provided by a flight attendant - Best Flight Attendant Books:


Looks like there is quite a bit out there. Have fun with it!


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Came here to suggest Around the World in a Bad Mood (incidentally, one of the titles listed in Taylor's link).

I'm somewhat removed, having read it a couple of years back, but I recall thinking it was pretty good. My memory is hazy as to whether it goes into the post-9/11 era...the publish date would suggest not. No idea if that's of any relevance.