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This actually started out as a blog entry because I was annoyed. But I liked the idea, and I am going to finish it, this was all I had time to put down.


A few days ago, we got a letter in the mail from our electric company claiming that we were supposed to pay a deposit from moving, and that if they didn’t get it by the twenty-forth of July they were going to disconnect our electricity. What deposit? They never mentioned anything about a deposit! We moved down the street, we have the same account, and we already paid a transfer fee and NOW they want a deposit?! It is a bunch of bull. I am annoyed about this. We can’t shop around for the best deal in electric, because in the town electricity is provided by one company. If we live outside the city limits, electricity is provided by another electric company. They know we, as modern-age humans, cannot live without our lights and heat. So of course the company is going to screw the people over with hidden fees, surprise deposits, and outrageous bills. All because the human race is dependant on something Ben Franklin discovered with a kite and a key.

How did the human race get this way? And why is it that with every new advancement of technology, people became dependant and obsessed? For example, cell phone and Ipods. Ten years ago cell phone were big and bulky and of poor reception and quality. Ipods didn’t even exist. Today, five-year old children run around with a cell and text better than they can talk, with Ipods strapped to their arms and connected to their ears. And adults are not much better. A woman at work, a mother of teenagers, who is about ten years older than me, has her cell on her at all times and is on it constantly. No matter that cells are not allowed at work and that she is always getting into trouble about it. She claims she needs to check up on her kids and that she will always answer it if her kids call her. Why? I would think that at that age, her kids should be able to care for themselves and be able to solve simple problems like how to turn on the microwave to heat up some EasyMac. But that is just me. Who knows? Maybe her kids are of the idiotic influence. But then that, I suppose, would be her own doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing cell phones, after all, I own one and I am not meaning to sound like a hypocrite. All I am saying is that people are becoming obsessively dependant on them. On technology in general. Heaven help us if the Apocalypse comes and we have to revert back to Middle Age technology. Suicide rates would be sky high. We would be wandering around aimlessly holding pieces of rock to our ears, addled and stubbornly refusing to accept the fact that we have to learn to speak in words, not text anymore. More than likely, a new English language would develop consisting of semicolons and abbreviations. Instead of smiling and saying goodbye, we would say: “ semicolon right parenthesis ttyl” which is really more complicated than regular communication. But that will seem easier for us.
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