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Dr Hooss

Senior Member
Well, I should start with hello, i know that much, but how to continue from there... My names Hoossie or at least that's what everybody other than the police and my mother call me. I've been writing on and off for most of my life, partly as therapy, but mostly to stop the incessant babble of plot lines and vivid scenes from boiling away in my head and burning holes in my brain. About 7 years ago when chatting with my new neighbour (now ex neighbour) I found out he had been an editor of a literary magazine, so obviously I mentioned my occasional writing habits. He asked if he could see some of my stuff and after skimming through a few of my short stories and the first chapter of one of my novel he told me I should be sending my stuff to publishers. I sent a few things to a few agents and got similar replies. They like my writing style, my ideas are original but it not to their taste so would be unfair to represent me. Or more commonly that it is too far fetched to be abel to convince a publisher to take the risk. So I decided to try and rethink how to go about things, but before I could I ended up suffering a serious spinal injury and was unable to write due to the mind numbing effects of the painkillers I was taking. Today I awoke with my head boiling and my brain burning for the first time in five years. Knocked out a short story and got on with tidying up some of my novels in progress as if I had never stopped. But due to having been inspired by other peoples input I am no longer content just writing to preserve my own sanity and could do with both some feedback on my work and help in reworking my far fetched musings for a wider audience. As well as some advice/guidance on getting the attentions of publishers and agents.


Friends of WF

Make eight more posts (10 total) and the door to the members-only Fiction Workshop will open for you. Things posted there are not visible to search engines, so you have some rights protection. Post your stuff there and, guaranteed, someone will make comment.

Larger things? There's a Beta Reading section where members, like me, who like to engage longer more intricate things are likely to pounce at the opportunity. Novels, excerpts. novella. All fair game.

Everything you've noted is in here, somewhere. Experts to noobs, and plenty lurkers in between. Jostle in.

Good writing! Hoping to see your work!

Dr Hooss

Senior Member
Cheers, hopefully I will find the facilities, resources and members a help in tailoring my stuff for a wider audience. And that I can be a help in some way in return.