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Unsure of myself, but willing to try. (1 Viewer)



I am 37 years old and have been writing since I was 17. But there's a catch:
I've never tried to get anything published.

I've wanted to, but I've always found a reason why not to let anyone (publishers) read my work. Usually I use the same reasoning: I'm not good-enough. But the real reason is fear of rejection...perhaps it's easier for me to not know, than to be rejected and know for sure that I'm not good-enough.

Well, I finally found a reason to push myself, and that is why I have joined this forum. The reason that I found is not as simple as, I have a new son, or anything that I can put into words at this point in my membership, but I will say that the reason is also the cause of me writing a non-fiction book.

Ironically, I never have written anything non-fiction until now, and after this is done and published I may never write non-fiction again--although I plan to still write fiction-- Go figure.

Anyway, I thought that I'd say hello to everyone and go from there.