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Unfolding myself (1 Viewer)


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Never can I introduce myself if I do not unfold myself. This means I have to express what I really believe in in point of fact. I subscribe to the idea that no writers can write without putting himself in his writing.

My real name is Haribol Acharya. I live in Nepal. I am a banker. My domains of interests are writing, reading. Books of my choice are poems, fiction and non fiction.

I grew up in a closed society, very conservative. By birth I am a Hindu. However I am not a Hindu.I do not believe in belonging to a particular sect. I do not believe in organized religions. I can be comfortle with any religious communities and in any religious shrines.

I believe in humanity more than in religiosity. I feel the entire planet as my home.

My mother tongue is Nepali. I am good at it. I wrote many many poems and a few stories and essays in Nepali.

Later on I swtiched to English. The main reason is through English I can come across wider sections or communities of people. I do not believe in nationalism, for nationalism narrows down our beliefs and limits us within a boundary of our own and also we know through history that at times extreme nationalism birthed fascism. Of course English helped me to be in touch with wider strata of people, and indeed it helped me transcend politico-geographical frontiers. It really broadened my perspectives.

Now I can communicate with you guys across all kinds of distances and barriers. I can share my ideas and enhance my level of knowledge through this forum and indeed English helped me. However I love Nepali too , for it was the language of my passion, and my babyhood. This has been a language through which I conversed with my friends , shared my pains and joys, angers and ecstasies with my nears and dears.

I do not want say much about myself, and indeed if I do so I may be doing too much appraisal of myself. Of course I will be revealing very much in due course.


Hello and welcome to the forums, blazeofglory. That was some intro. Great to meet you.


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Welcome to the forum!


Thank you Nickie for welcoming me. I have read a few of your interviews. They are really interesting and moving too. Please tell whether you interviewed them face to face or on line. Nowadays interviews are taken through emails and on line. One of my friends took many interviews of some of the celebrities.

I really want to read your novels if I can access them.


Please allow me/to introduce myself

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