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The Power of One

What is the power of one? How much power can one person really have? The power of one is reflected upon that one person’s ability to completely exert all the power they have in their body, mind, and soul and the ability to rise to one’s fullest potential. Amidst all circumstances in the world, no matter how bleak or definite, even when just about all the pieces fall into place, the last remaining variables are the individual’s decision to emerge from the death of dormancy and the choice of that individual to whether or not go as far as needed.
There is much evidence of people emerging from quiescence to tap into unused human potential in the modern world, whether it’s the remnants of a plane in the countryside in Pennsylvania or the physical and emotional exhaustion of a team after the final buzzer; there’s evidence of the power of one in the eyes of a mother given her son’s medal of honor; there’s proof of absolute willpower in the life of a blue collar father, working even nights, weekends, and holidays to sustain his family; there’s promise to matter in each face of the next wave of high school and college graduates ready to make for a better life for us all to live.
Alexander the Great, by the age of 23, conquered the entire known world in the eyes of Europe. His empire stretched across vast regions. After his death, his officers squandered for possession of the land. Shortly after, the empire crumbled. One person can affect the outcome of a whole empire.