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Underworld (1 Viewer)


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Graham Hancock presents a compelling case for a histroy of civilisation radically different than we have all learned in school. He only theorises where it can be backed by facts & he has travelled the world finding out for himself how real the facts are.

Bringing together information, facts & theories from wide ranging fields of knowledge, he builds up a picture that is hard indeed to ignore. Not only were our far distant ancestoras far more capable than we thought, but they lived longer ago & in different places.

Here are answers to the Flood myths across the world, to the strangenesses inherent in early cultures springing up with apparently all the trappings of civilisation already full-formed, and to where Atlantis went & how.

He writes well & builds his case step by step until there can be little doubt he has a case. Read this & change how you see the world & maybe shed a tear at the tragedy that came upon us & was forgotten by all. Wonder at where we might be now if the workld hadn't ended so long ago. What we see as the development of Man turns out to be a long struggle back up the path from catastrophe.

For anyone who is willing to revise what they think they know of Mankind, this is a must-read

:5stars: - highly recommended


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Not sure... by movie do you mean fiction? If so, no. But if you mean the Doco, then yes, there is a doco on all this. I haven't seen it & it caused a bit of a stir including an anti-underworld doco that got discredited on the basis of bias & poor science.