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Unable to do NaNo (1 Viewer)


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Sorry guys, but I am simply unable to do NaNo. I have been given a task & also have a new love in my life, as well as doing counselling so I simply can't see how I can find the time to give it an honest go.

I will happily visit & egg you on, & watch enviously as you make your targets...

Go WF'ers!


Dang. I hate seeing casualties. Especially this close to 'go time'.

Ah well, anything for love.

Glad you'll still be a part of the team, even if it's not a writing part.


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journyman161 said:
also have a new love in my life
That explains the poetry.

I'm also sorry to say that I may not be able to participate. I'm still undecided, but unless I either get a flash of inspiration tonight or some kind of major breaks in my life I'm afraid I'll have to bow out.

My excuse is nothing so grand, though.


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I am still going to be hassling folk though... Figure being a prodder takes much less time than the creating side...

And it isn't the love side of things causing me to bow out, she is in NaNo; its the 'extra-curricular' life changes that have been thrust upon me... And those are almost unbelievable. One day you shall know of them, I promise.

(mysterious bugger aren't I?) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


*smacks forehead*

Hardly mysterious Mark, but I'm glad to see you didn't blame it on me. You would have had a rough time of it if you had. *grin*


Sorry you won't be doing NaNo with us. I do hope you drop in and nag us, er, encourage us to keep it up. Maybe you'll join us in 06!