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{un}holy?! haiku challenge (2 Viewers)


Here's a challenge for those of you with outstanding debts to society .. You know who you are; you wordsmiths of vicious repute. The thrust of this challenge is to create a series of haiku that are linked -- the last line of one is the first line of the next and so on ..

quick example:

Keeping faith is rough
When the chips are down and I
Stand, unrequited

Stand, unrequited
In pale beams of a guiltless
Moon -- devoid of self

cool? cool!

So .. I leave the seed to you folk. Someone start it off. I love haiku, 'cuz that's what I started writing back in grade 7 when my creative mind leaped from my skull and planted a flag in the floor of my classroom.

Props to Bartleby for giving me the idea :)

Kitten Courna

Senior Member
Kurkurrage said:

Props to Bartleby for giving me the idea :)

I knew it had somethign to do witht he infamous. If I had any conept of writing Haiku myself I would start, just for the challenge, but unfortunately I don't. But it sounds like something all those poets should get a leg in on, and prove that you're multitalented.

This sounds like fun...



All that's left is me,
Staring sadly down at the
Corpses of my friends.

btw im not much at haiku...just figured id try

Frozen memories
I supplicate to the Ice
To release my fear


Excellent! I like where this is going .. I'm always a sucker for modern haiku. Keep it rollin' guys and dolls! :)