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I guess I'm to intro myself, but am unsure what to say. If my kids heard that, they would say, 'a first for everything.'

Well I'm a trucker who has way to much imagination for his career path. I've been writing a fictional story set in the midevil theme for about five years now. Some may have heard of Windmoor before, if so say hi. I just about done the story. It just needs some polishing and a few conecting chapters. Which brings me to some questions.

1) Do all posts here have to be original here? or can you still get critiques on stuff posted elsewhere?

2) Do all challanges (which I'm kinda looking forward to) require new writings? (might have to ask that one in the right forum)

3) Is there much interest in the Swords, magic, and fictional creatures here?

It's funny, I started writing this with about twenty question and now all I can think of is just those...#-o

Anywho...Hi, I look forward to being a part of this board. Especially the challanges I fit in.


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Hi there, and welcome to the forum! (Hope someone else can answer your questions - I think there are a lot of different styles and genres around, and people who like what you like.)



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I'm a fantasy fan, so I can answer that one for you. I'll look, at least.

In the Great White North, eh? Two other people in this forum with that location, both of them mods. Are you with the secret police, map? Is that a code phrase? Is my sarcasm carrying over the net?


Secret police...What ever do you mean...O:)

Thanx all for the welcome. I guess the only way to find out is just to post one of my chapters.

Doom...da Doom Doom...Doommmm


Welcome to the forums, and I love fantasy! So bring all of your fantasy goodness here, so I can read it! :)