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I was checking posts in my usual haunt authorsbydesign.com when Foxee (whatever she goes by in here) piped up and said "Tel, I don't know if you're a member of WriterForum.com, but you really ought to be. Go check it out." And I always do what Foxee says, or try to. (comes of her being in charge of weekly challenges there) So I snuck out of AbD and snuck in over here to see what the fuss was about, but got sidetracked into introducing myself... haven't really had a chance to explore much yet.

Hi. I'm Tellervo. In the normal world, I just bought my first sword and write when I have time/energy/a fragment of an idea and any combination thereof. In other worlds I am Isabelle Tellervo, captain of the Cirsium Rangers, and how the real person came to be the other person that is a long story, which I will tell anyone who's interested, but it would make for an even more babbly introductory post, so I won't put it here. Just be glad you haven't met Sparks.

No. I don't have multiple personalities, though the people in my head sometimes think differantly.

Anyway. I'm here, expect to be glad I decided to show up, and will now melt back into the underbrush to see what's going on.

Your humble servant,


Hey, Tellervo!

Nice to see you here. Keep your shields up, this can be a rough forum sometimes but it's also pretty invigorating.

Always do what I say, huh? hahahahahahaha!