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umm... Hi (1 Viewer)


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Yeah... Hello
i write. well, i switch between writing and drawing. i'm not very good, at either IMO, well i suppose that's why i'm joining... i've only written one story out of school. it was terrible. i'm currently writing a completely different one. my first one was about vampires and shinigami(death gods, or grim reapers for you non japanese culture knowlageable people) and this one is a fantasy, i think it's better than my last one. i'll post some sort of sample of what i could do, and then when i finish this, i'll post it and see how much i improved.

music, i also do that. Viola. this is my, umm, 4th year playing

Dr. Malone

Welcome, amigo. I think you'll find lots of fantasy writer/readers here. Good luck with your writing.

I love music. I don't know anyone who plays viola. Cool stuff.


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Hello there and welcome to Writing Forums, Hebi. I hope you will enjoy being here. I hope to read some of your work soon :)

~ Shinn


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i thank you. i did post a part of a story i wrote, and am thinking of trashing... if you read it though, it's terribleness will burn your eyes out of the sockets.