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ultra-right Israeli blog received Best Blog award (1 Viewer)



Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective in the Middle East Conflict also scored high in all categories it was nominated. Google earlier banned advertising of that blog for unacceptable content.

Samson Blinded's author advocates religious state of Judea at the border with Israel and expulsion of Arabs. Obadiah Shoher denies democracy dominated by liberals and Muslims and calls Israelis to oppose police efforts at removing the settlements. His other point is dismanlting economically unbearable Israeli army and relying on nuclear weapons. However, he decried Lebanese and Iraq invasions.

Public opinion seems to strongly shift the the right in Middle East issues. Any thoughts on that?


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Samson Blinded is filled with erroneous accusations and ridiculous arguments - the embodiment of Israel as a utopia is truly outlandish.

The author [Obadiah Shoher] keeps on pointing out that Israel is a country that built itself without any assistance, and "turned deserts—and swamps—into a garden without help".

If it weren't for the billions yearly pumped to Israel by AIPAC, we wouldn't have seen such a 'garden'.

One of Shoher's solutions is to build a new Palestinian territory in Jordan - even I can say this won't be happening. The [previous] king of Jordan foresaw this and made sure to determine the political boundaries of both countries in 1994, as to seal the door shut against this plan.

Palestinians form 80% of the Jordanian population, and now, the country hosts more the 1.5 million Iraqis - a relatively huge number pressed against the Jordanian infrastructure, which by the way, is about to explode Mr. Shoher.
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I would be willing to bet, Hakeem, that you're wasting your breath pointing such things out on a screen name that is nothing more than a propaganda bot that has left for another site, never to return. That would be my guess anyhow.


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Yes I agree, the poster might be an advertising tool, but I'm merely putting forth my opinion about such a book.


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Personally, I think the guy's a nut. Then again, I am on the Israeli right-wing in respect to this argument. I truly believe the Jews to be the chosen ones, and the Holy Land to be the promised land. One day the Palestinians will be crushed and the promised land will be delivered, I say.
Mind you, that's just my humble opinion.