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Ultimate Jackpot (1 Viewer)



A 19 year old falls asleep during a lecture (as you do) but while he is dreaming he dreams about a complete unknown winning the open at 750/1. He thinks he is seeing into the future as everything in his dream is right such as the course it is played on and everything.
This event happens a week before the open which leaves him time to try and make £10000 to last him for the rest of his life so he will never have to work again. Inevitably he thinks up a few fantastic schemes to get money. Unfortunately, he gets greedy and when he reaches £10000 he goes to a casino.
At the casino he goes over to the roulette wheel and bets all his money on a red. He loses it all and with just a few hours to spare before the open. He then tries to illegally take out his 21 year old savings and spend them all but he fails and is arrested. When they release him from custody the open is finished and the unknown guy won it and the main charcater has won nothing at all.

Hope you like it, it's a drama, not a comedy.