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Is anyone going through the process of submitting to UK agents? How is it going? Currently on about submission number 9 with few responses.


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A late reply to this thread!

I did a round of submissions for a YA novel (pre-pandemic) and over the space of 2 years, I sent out about 50 submissions. I'd say less than a quarter replied with a rejection email. Some of which were just the standard template reply and others mentioned it was interesting, but not for them - which made me wonder if it was actually interesting or if that was just a nice template! But most did not get back to me. I did expect this though as on the website, most of the time, it says if you do not receive a response with in a couple of months consider it as a rejection.
I have not been put off though, that was my first novel and so my first practice of submissions. I'm currently working on the next one!

Have you had any joy since then?