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Uh, Hi... (1 Viewer)

Eli Cash

Senior Member
...I'm a staff writer for some trade publications trying to make myself get up early in the morning and work on my own creative stuff (novels and creative non-fiction essays/memoirs, mostly).

I lived abroad in Asia for a couple of years, have trained and fought in mixed martial arts, and now live in a small town, so those are the experiences I'll try to draw on for my stuff. I wish I could write like David Foster Wallace or David Eggers, but I find I do better with a more straight-forward, strongly narrative structure; Hemingway and Fitzgerald might be better role models for me to shoot for.

Anyway, belonged to a couple forums while abroad and thought this might be helpful. Look forward to interacting with you all.

Thanks in advance.

mi is happy

Senior Member
Hey Eli! I'm new here to! Yah... I hope I can help you as well as you help me! My help probibaly won't be the best though. :/