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Two-hour teleplay (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I'm currently in the process of writing a two-hour teleplay. How many pages should an average script be?


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teleplays are not quite the same as screenplays, so the 1 page=1 minute rule of thumb doesn't apply...

you need to check some tv scripts and a good how-to for the format... for one thing, a 2-hour tv movie will not have only 3 acts, like a regular film, due to commercial breaks...

go here for a good rundown on the format:


scroll down to:
Screenplay vs. Teleplay: A Comparison

hope that helps... hugs, maia


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Yes, I kinda figured that. I read somewhere that a teleplay has 7 acts as opposed to 3 acts for a screenplay. I'm just curious how many pages on average a teleplay should be.