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T'was the day after Christmas (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
“T’was the day after Christmas”

The day after Christmas
at the North Pole
all was chaotic
it was no longer cold.

The workshop was flooded,
there was not much to like.
the elves were not happy,
they threatened to strike.

The North Pole was changing,
it was all up for grabs,
the coming replacements
were non-union scabs.

Polar bears were hungry
and were taking no quarter.
Comet and Cupid
were already slaughtered.

The growling of stomachs
for the elves had hit,
they visioned old Rudolph
roasting on a spit.

Six of the elves
had long given up hope,
they were working the rigs
out on the north slope.

Santa and the missus
were already gone,
he’d sold to conglomerate
based in Hong Kong.

Rested in a penthouse
on a roof in Dubai
drinking Margaritas
and waving good-bye.


Staff member
Oh dear! What a sad end to Christmas. You've put a modern day twist on it that is sadly so true these days. Between climate change and corporate raiders and sell outs. I think I need to go listen to Christmas music and drink some eggnog to get back in the spirit. lol!


Staff member
This is great. A bit of comic relief after a weirdly subdued Christmas because of the deadly virus. Like all good humour, this has an edge of truth underlying it. I think you might have inspired me to write a 'Day after Christmas' poem myself. You might have kicked off a series here, midnight. :)