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And now I have a complaint to issue.

For all of you following the thread about Eragon, I have indeed found a worse book. Much, much worse.

This book is entitled, quite simply: TTYL.

The entire thing is nothing but a conversation between several people on AIM (or some other instant messaging service.)

It is in the young adult section, and it terribly bright pink. This caught my attention, and i picked it up. I was surprised to open it to find that the characters were describing graphic pornography, calling eachother names that should not be in a young adult book, and that, mostly, the book was about sex.

Yes, I know, kids talk about these things. But this book is just mindless. It teaches nothing. I sat and read most of it (not that challenging a read...), and found no lessons in it at all. It actually may teach kids some things they did not know before reading the book, and did not need to know. This book also has smiley faces on the cover, and the back of the book jacket describes it as something good to buy your kids for their birthday. I'm pretty sure most of the parents buying this book for their kids do NOT know what's in it.

And, yes, parents should be careful. But I'm not even sure how this book got published.

So, if you are an Eragon-hater, you'll most definately hate this one, too. Pick it up sometime, and then throw it back down on the shelf.

Thank you.