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Trying to get in the right frame of mind (1 Viewer)



I've had a few stories in my head for a while now and very little success writing them. I'm hoping to improve the situation by getting to know others who have been in the same spot.

I have a post in Short Stories seeking comments right now.

I am primarily interested in near-future dystopian stories, and the major stories in my head fall into that category, though I have some less important-seeming ideas for other genres.

Thanks in advance.


Hi!!! I am too new to welcome you lol, but I can offer a piece of advice that a friend of mine offered me...just write. It does not even have to make sense, just sit down and start typing. Do this everyday. It helped me beat the procrastination bug and I am starting to get on a roll. THIS REALLY DOES WORK!!!

Have a great day and good luck!