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I looked long and hard, but found no mention of the following books; although I sometimes found mention of the authors:

Shampoo Planet -Douglas Coupland
Down and Out in Paris and London -George Orwell
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus -Orson Scott Card
Invisible Man -Ralph Ellison (NOT to be confused with 'Invisible Man' by H.G. Wells)
Tropic of CAPRICORN (Which i felt was superior to Tropic of Cancer) -Henry Miller
Cannery Row -John Steinbeck
A Star Called Henry -Roddy Doyle (Also look for 'Paddy Clark; Ha Ha Ha')

Hope someone enjoys these recommendations


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Finally, another Roddy Doyle fan.

A Star Called Henry is without doubt his greatest novel, but it's so often overshadowed by his earlier works - possibly because they were all made into movies or won Booker prizes. I mean, The Commitments was good, the movie was very good, but it just does not compare to Henry.

Take it from someone who grew up learning the patriotic line on the 1916 rising, Doyle's more gritty and honest interpretation of the period is really refreshing.

To those of you not familiar with this book - if you liked Frank McCourt's two biographies, you'll love Doyle.

So tell me Doctor, did you shed a tear when Victor died?


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No, but I could have. There were several pretty tragic moments in this book to be sure.

I haven't read McCourts books yet, you would say they are as good? I have wanted to read Angela's Ashes for a long time, but I have so darned many books to read... i never catch up!