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try and join the Spell world (1 Viewer)



i have a script here and i'm wondering who would be intrested in drawing characters:
The story tells the tragic life of a certain wizard, Muz, in the far future, who has his whole village destroyed and every one dead. he decides to set on a journey with his best friend, a rock and roll freak, Felisha; after he was told that his village was destroyed by a certain group known as LEDGE and that they are after a book called SPELLS. this leads to the meeting of an african american with, Brad and his cousin Lisa, who takes a liking for Muz.
Their journey leads to the unraveling of other wizard clans, and an all out wizard wars which would bring the end of the wizard world as they know it.

Please if intrested i could elaborate more, and if you are a writter that wants to help in the script, you are welcomed to join in.

"SPELLS" would blow your mind and the mind of the comic world, trust me