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So, I'm living in this end of the road town with all sorts of strange characters and happenings, some legal and some not. Its got non-fiction story written all over it. But I couldnt publish it without pissing off a lot of the people involved, at least while I'm alive. :smile: So what to do? I'm not a fiction writer. If I just change names it wont fool anyone anyway. I dont want to write a story based on real people and events that is so far removed from them that its basically fiction. Do I just walk away from it or is there some middle ground?


Lost in Some Story

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You can't be a truthful writer without betraying some people. I'm not the first one to say it, but it's true.

Life goes on. If the story is good enough, tell it.


Linton Robinson

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Not a fiction writer? What does it take? What was "On The Road"...a recounting of rambles from some interesting people. Names changed.
What is "Fear and Loathing" exactly?
You think "Tales of the City" isn't about real people? How about "Cannery Row"?

I'd suggest, if you think you write the story up, to do so, then go through it and see what you have on your hands. You change the names, okay. What else can you change? Can you warp it into a plot? Or sring stories together on some sort of overall narrative?

Try writing it up, see where it goes. I can tell you want to.

The Backward OX

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I’m no writer of note nor have any real aspirations in that direction. I just mess about with words to pass the time.

The following may be far removed from your situation or it may give you encouragement. I just throw it your way for what it’s worth.

I’ve written a few flashes based on extracts from the lives of real people; two have been posted elsewhere on this site. All I did was change the names. I’m quite optimistic that those same two, when worked over, will be included in a to-be-published compendium of varied art works (paintings, poems, short stories, photography and so on) relating to the small town where I live. And I anticipate eagerness rather than threats of litigation from the people on whom the main characters are based when I tell them of my intentions.

So something like that might also be your middle ground. Why do you think you would piss your people off? Perhaps you’re worrying needlessly.

Why not ask them?
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I think you should just write the story, as said earlier. Writing involves some betrayal. If you think that the events on your street are some sort of microcosm of society, then paint it as a picture of modern day society.