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The stories below were related to me by my workers. I believe they were telling the truth.

Aloysious is a native of Flores island in Indonesia, and was living in a remote village in that island when this incident happened. He was about twenty then and was a teacher in the village school. He also helped at the local church; and because he was intelligent and could play the guitar well, was a favorite of the padre of the church.
One moonlit night, Aloysious awakened to go to the toilet. He stepped outside the house and headed towards a clump of banana trees that was close to the house. As he was standing next to the clump and relieving himself, he became aware of something stirring next to him. He turned his head toward the direction of the noise, and was shocked to find a hideous looking dwarf staring back at him. It was about two to three feet high, and beside having a most grotesque face, had long ears. The dwarf was clothed in what appeared to be rags.
While Aloysious stared at this creature in disbelief, it put its hands to its waist and started making a noise that sounded like " tsk tsk tsk tsk ".
What happened next is unclear. It would appear that the dwarf had put him into a hyptonic trance, and Aloysious saw himself running here and there trying to escape from the dwarf. In this confusion, he remembers running toward the church to seek refuge there; but as he was crossing a bridge that led to the church, he saw the dwarf on the bridge barring his way.
The next thing Aloysious remembers was that he was lying prone on his doorstep and calling out to his mother. His mother rushed to him and found that he was running a high fever. Medication was unable to rid the fever, and only after the padre arrived the next day and sprinkled holy water on Aloysious, did the fever leave him.
Aloysious also told me about another incident that happened when he was about six. A violent storm had hit the shores of Flores island the night before, and in the morning Aloysious found a big crowd on the beach close to his home. When he went to investigate, he found that the crowd was staring at a mermaid that had probably been washed ashore by the storm. It had the torso of a woman and the bottom half of a fish. Aloysious actually went up to it and asked, " kaka dari mana" ? ( where are you from sister ? ). It did not reply but looked at him with sad eyes. Some kind gentlemen then carried the mermaid and put it back into the sea.
I also had many workers from East Timor who told me that their island was full of strange creatures- so much so that they accepted these creatures as a part of creation. My guess is that with all the firefights that took place in the fight for independence recently, these creatures would have gone into hiding.


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Indonesia is a magical place. I really enjoyed reading this and it reminded me of the PBS series where two brothers spent months sailing and visiting the islands.