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Trick or Treat, Smell my...Competition! (1 Viewer)


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TRICKortreat (1).jpg

Halloween is upon us and the Media Team is thrilled to announce a positively spooktacular competition, to take place on our Facebook and Twitter pages. The theme is "Trick or Treat." Both poetry and prose will be accepted. The limits are as follows: Four lines for poetry and two sentences for prose/short story form. Your entry must begin with the word 'Trick' to be valid! Three entries will be chosen to receive a special treat, (a one month FoWF subscription) now get to work, you ghouls! But first, read the Terms and Conditions. They are frighteningly serious and failure to adhere could result in the untimely death of your entry.

Terms and Conditions:

1. One entry per person
2. Entries will be recorded by the Media Team as soon as possible after being received, any editing must therefore be done before they are recorded
3. Entries must be posted on our Facebook wall or Tweeted to @WritingForums
4. Contestants MUST be WF members with at least ten posts in order for entry to be valid
5. Contestants WF username must be included in entry, or PMed to Allysan separately, along with a copy of your entry
6.Those entering into the competition agree that WF may share the work on our social media pages and/or include it in our monthly newsletter
7. Winners will be chosen by the Media Team based on merit and not by chance
8. Entries close at 12:00 am EST on October,31st 2015, with prizes being drawn later that day



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How do we connect our Twitter names to our usernames?

You can't connect them, so to speak, but if you have spare characters you could include it in the tweet or it's probably just easier to PM Allysan and let her know which entry belongs to you.


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How do we connect our Twitter names to our usernames?

I'm not sure that there is a way other than to just include it in your entry. If you don't have space you can PM me your entry, as long as you've tagged @WritingForums in your original post on twitter. Which, by the way I'm not sure if you have because I don't see your entry :)


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What is the correct Facebook name to find the forum under? I didn't recognize the icons when I just searched the name Writing Forums...nor did I see any post about the Trick or Treat Competition...I don't have a twitter account but would like to submit an entry. Thanks!



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Wot abaht those of us
hoo do not do
Facebook or even
terwitt terwoo

We are left out
and it isn't right
and why am I up
when I think it's still night?


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Sonata, a big part of the competition is to improve our Social Media interactions and to get the WF name out there. Join up on Twitter! Help us spread the word!
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