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Travel book ideas (1 Viewer)




Me and my girlfriend will shortly be travelling around Australia (we live here)
and are trying to think of a travel theme book, ie: best ice cream shops etc,
I was wondering if there were any ideas for us to think about.

Thank you in advance



Senior Member
Well, most travelers are traveling on a limited budget. Set yourself a small daily budget and see how many ways you can find to enjoy your trip, get our meals eaten, and be entertained by spending as little as possible. It's worked for some well-viewed television shows in the States.

"The Frugal Traveler's Guide to Australia" (Check to make sure it's not taken). But why do just a book? Some travel magazines, particularly the airlines who have their own publications for the enjoyment of travelers, might find these great story ideas for their mags and then you could compile them into a traveler's guide at the end of it all. (Make sure you give only rights for first publication so that you can do that and let them know upfront that you plan to republish. Of course, you'll want their permission to note in the book's forward or introduction that the articles were "first published in . . .". It gives them a bit of promo too.

Have a great time!