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I'm working on the outline for a new urban fantasy story of mine that includes magic users. I want to add a few science fiction elements as well; set about 100 years in the future where magic is used to help cure diseases and create new technology. But I'm worried about having too many different ideas in the world. Do you think that adding a couple science fiction elements would be too much for one urban fantasy novel with three different types of magic users?
I actually thing that would be a great story ^_^ I think it would be fun to mix those two subjects. Not only that, but their two subjects that would mix well as oppose to something about Magic and being an FBI agent. I think it would make a great mix and would be an enjoyable and unique story :D


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Hey, if you can effectively write it, then it works. It will take some skill to balance all of those elements, but no one said writing is an easy thing to do. I say go for it.


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It does sound intriguing to me, and my only point of encouragement is never be nervous about exploring new twists on old trends. Innovation is what keeps art both evolving and interesting.


Go for it, I love reading books that are cross genre, scifi/fantasy, scifi/crime, any old mixture.. Just bring it on.


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It depends. If it all fits in the setting and the plot, and if you can pull it off, it's fine. If you're just moving the story into science fiction for the sake of variety, reconsider. Though I expect you'll have a better, plot-related reason.


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The most important thing is to keep it internally consistent. It doesn't have to make sense from a real-world standpoint.


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Honestly I wouldn't even ask. Just write it the way you want and need to. When it's done go back and decide if it's too much. It's pretty impossible for us to tell you yes or no.

I make a BBQ sauce with about 20 ingredients (seriously; it's amazing). Before throwing it in the pot I could ask my guests: is it too much? And get varied responses. Truth is, it depends on how you use them and how it tastes at the end.


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Like others have said, if you can pull it off, it works.

Just think of how many different abilities or skills your group of friends have, and your lives together make a coherent story.


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I think the idea stinks. :witless:

Honestly I don't even know what you think would be too much? If you explain them well enough then it should be all gravy. Who doesn't love gravy? Especially on mash potatoes. The brown gravy, not that white stuff.

Again do it. Write it. If it doesn't work you will know quickly. If you can keep track of it in your mind, and write it out; then I will keep track of it as a reader. If you get confused; then so will I as the reader. Just make sure to write to your best ability, and then edit, then read it out loud to yourself. Then tell the people next to you that you aren't crazy; then see if the story works. Then make me potatoes. Then send them to me. Then continue to fine tune your story. :thumbl:


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I'm not sure how a novel can have too many ideas. I'm not sure how a writer can count the number of ideas that go into their work.

Throw stuff in and see what happens.
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