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Toasting my Parents' on their 50th Wedding Anniversary (1 Viewer)


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Last Saturday, my family and I celebrated my parents' GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY by throwing them a surprise party at my house with lots of friends andfamily.
Writing the toast was more challenging than I expected. I was trying to find the perfect words to express my thoughtsand feelings. And then I finally came to the conclusion that no matterwhat I said during my toast, my parents would simply appreciate the fact that I (along with thehelp of others) planned this party, 50+ of their long-time friends and family attended it, and I put together aslide-show of over 140 pics of them. Once I realized that, the toast was easy to write.

Without boring you all with he whole toast, I’ll boil it down to the followingkey points:

  • I started with a few quotes about marriage, my favorite ofwhich is, “The Japanese have a word for it. It’s Judo – the art of conquering byyielding. The Western equivalent of Judo is, “Yes dear.” – JP McEvoy.

  • Then I explained that we were NOT simply celebratingthat my parents decided to get married 50 years ago. We were also celebrating that they decidedEACH AND EVERY DAY over the past 50 years to stay together regardless if theywoke up sick or in good health, rich or poor, etc. Staying together half a century takes a hugecommitment, patience and lots of love, and I'm so proud they reached thisprecious milestone in their lives.

  • I asked my parents the secret to being married a half-century and without missing a beat, my dad replied, "the secret is saying 'Yes dear' a lot!"

Everyone seemed to enjoy the toast and fun was had by all!



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That's a positive moment. My parents 25th anniversary I think it was celebrated over 10 years ago. Not to mention the whole family came, I have more than 30 cousins, not making this up, it's due in part to a long list of aunts and uncles. So I am never lonely when I go to visit the extended family. However, my mom was very happy and they played some music on a piano. And it was like a small party, with meals for 50 guests. Nothing fancy. For my grandparents 50th, it was equally special. Not many people make it that far. But it was the most presentable pictures ever photographed.

It already is past by make sure to copy some pictures.


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Mickey nice toast and thoughtful. I often tell people I have been married happily for over 30 years, been married 40 but 30 of them have been happy. My wife hates that line, we have been really happily married, but I love to share the concept that it is not always great, there are good times and bad and that it is unrealistic to think it will always be perfect.

Thanks for sharing :}


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Speaking of pictures, one of my cousins gave me a good idea at the party. I'm going to buy flash drives for my parents and close family and load them with the pics that I used as part of the slide show that I made for the party. I think they'll enjoy that.


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LOL Good one... and by coincidence, I have said the same line about my marriage (altho I've only been married 20 years). Great minds think alike.