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is to struggle.

And I have for a long time.

I'm one of those guys who tend to throw away works that don't go any further than page one. I've been attempting to fight that tendency and work another draft in of stuff I've done recently. A couple of my drafts are available on my sig.

It's dangerous I know, but I don't exactly know people in my state and haven't found a screenwriting community that is exactly friendly offline.

In any case, I hope to hang out and see what's what.



Hello and welcome to the community, Matthew. Good to meet you.

Don't throw writing away. You never know if a certain line or paragraph might come in handy in another work. I keep everything (crappy works, edits, etc.) in a folder on my desktop titled "Tidbits."


Hi, Matt!

Glad you found us. I really haven't been in the screen writing forum much so hopefully you can find some helpfulness there. We're kind of a grab bag of humanity so try to enjoy the surprises and realize that occasionally you get what you pay for. The pearl of wisdom that you stumble across is worth it.

Above all, enjoy the journey and keep writing.