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Timmy TWOTW (1 Viewer)


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Timmy the Will-of-the-wisp was being paid to follow this odd human. She was running, I think. 1st a cab, then a bus cross country. From New York to, well I think I'm in Kentucky? Oh good grief what a name to give a town. Monkeys Eyebrow? Oh by the Light. Oh how I hate cell phones got to call in and report this address and well the funeral? Ok, now this is even more odd but oh well.

1st pull the phone out of the dimensional pocket then run into the numbers on the screen hard enough to let the screen know I'm pushing them. Being made of light I don't weigh much. Hahahha.

So picture this a little dot of light bouncing back and forth trying to hit the stupid screen hard enough to get the damn thing to go. slam slam slam slam 8 slam slam slam 3 ouch ok slam slam slam slam 2, so ya get the picture.

Oh well, job done, I have reported. Now to hop onto something going back to New York. Ooooo maybe there is a military airfield nearby jet fighters are fun rides...