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Timmy again! (1 Viewer)


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OMG! This is top shelf водка wow! As Timmy looked at the bottle. This was real Russian high grade stuff! Wow again. The WOTW zipped over to the human and said. OK you have my undivided attention. What ya want?

So the human talked and talked. OMG why do humans need to talk for a hour when 10 words would have worked. Geez.

Sure I will do it. Just leave the bottle and bring one more for the info. OMG anther hour..... FINE I promise to get the info, and no We don't break "our" promises unlike some creatures do.

After the human left Timmy zipped into and through the bottle over and over until he was quite drunk. Now to bust into the mob bosses house lets go boys.

Too bad no one was there to stop the idiot.