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Timelessness (1 Viewer)


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Even when the elements split the earth in me
and fling my crumblings into the silent emptiness
of worlds ground to crushed chaos and smashed collision,
your Love will be my beacon thru the rubble
blinking in the nothingness,
dodging past the brokenness
and guiding me ‘til end of Time.

And when Night caves in from stars sucked out
by Age leaving days and shattered suns
slipping down Eternity at a million midnights per second,
your Love will be my flame in the black wind
blistering in the coldness,
emblazing me with boldness
and fusing me to your Love divine.

And when I measure my Life,
not by the number of breaths I take
but by your moments which take my breaths away
and not by the number of aches I’ve caged in heartbreaks
but by your conquest of my plundered ones set free.
Breathless may be the light of all precious stones

but only your Love shines the polished gem of me.

For I’m stained glass lost at night,

with a longing waiting mindless
in a trembling fingered blindness
for that moment rendered timeless
when your Love dawns the darkness

and I bathe in shafts of Light.

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CarolFa - No poet stands more proud than when a created work makes a kindred poet's heart feel all the words. That kinda makes the day! Thanks Carol for the Wow and for enjoying. Namyh


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Beautiful, tender. The feeling of timelessness really does breathe through in your poem, Namyh. Very comforting to me..


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I agree with the posters before me, the words are beautifully written.

You know how sometimes you see your favorite colors and they pop out almost magically at you, dazzle the eyes?

That's how I feel about perfectly arranged words, they dazzle my mind. Your poems do that.


Phil Istine

WF Veterans
Wow! What can one say about such a poem? I love it.
S2 L3 reads "slipping down Eternity at a million midnights per second"
I might have wanted to convey time rather than speed with something like
"slipping down the/an Eternity of a million midnights"
but really, this is a lovely poem and using "per second" does not diminish it one iota.

More...please :)


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Apple - Makes a poet mighty proud to know a created work had a 'timeless' breath of its own for you. From one kindred poet to another.......Thanks for your words A. Namyh


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Phil Istine - Thanks for stopping in to "slip down Eternity at a million midnights per second" with the rest of us. Please turn off all cell phones, fasten into your seat belts and place your trays in their upright position. Thanks Phil for riding the friendly skies of Timeless Road Airways. Y'all come back, ya hear! LOL.
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