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Time left with you. (1 Viewer)


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Lifetimes pass away in a day.
Months go by in two.
Yet vivid still is the memory of you.
It seems like yesterday that I saw your
Your voice lives on endlessly in my head.
I expect to see you around every turn.
But corner after corner and still no
glimpses of you.

I try to forget you, still your memory
You arrive at the doorstep of my mind at all
Visiting hours now only a construct of the
Regrets and memories alike are now all my
mind knows.

T'was yesterday you held my hand in yours.
But yesteryear since this earth knew your
What is this? Has my mind been lost?
Lost in you it was, what is a day or a year?
With each breath months go by carrying
you further still.
Soon all that will remain are tattered
Oh and what love I had for you.

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