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Hello there! I'm Aimée, a 15-year-old student (currently) hailing from the UK! I've just joined these forums, and I thought there was no better way to start off my time here then to post a somewhat shoddy introduction!

I'm sorry if I'm not as eloquent as the rest of you, my occasional awkwardness with the English language has often become a source of frustration for me! So I apologise in advance for the copious amount of typos and other errors I will inevitabley be making... EDIT: I'm hoping I'll grow out of it :)

I've been writing for as long as I could read, and I've been reading for as long as I can remember. I have an immense love of literature... I read everything, and everywhere. I like non-fiction as much as fiction, poetry as much as prose.... The subject of my own writing is not as varied as that of what I read; unfortunately my imagination and knowledge-base are far more limited then I would like them to be!

I'm naturally very political, bitter and quite a misanthropic being; I've been told that it has a tendency to show in my work. I have been known to write the odd poem, but what I do write is often structureless, freeform... My real passion lies in my fiction. I tend to write shorter pieces because I lack the commitment needed to write a lengthy novel. I do, however, have a longer piece in the works, entitled 'The Saprophyte'. It's no where near the slightest imaginings of finished, but I'll soldier on - I really want to see this one through.

Well, let's move on! You and I both have better things to do then discussing me! Hope to see you all around...
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Hi there and let me be the first to welcome you to Writing Forums, Aimee. I hope you enjoy being here and will learn some things and make some new friends :)

~ Shinn


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No worries. I'm sure you will find the help you need for your writing, if you require any that is. Also, there's an unspoken rule; critique and the favour will be returned.