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Tick and Leech (1 Viewer)

Darren White

co-owner and admin
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This little thingy I wrote in 2016 for a friend of mine, whose surname is Leach. Many people misspell her name, write it as Leech. I have Tourette's Syndrome. And also many misspell the tics I have as Tick. I decided to make it into a little story, perhaps not so poetic, but I feel I post it anyway. Enjoy :)

Tick and Leech

Said Tick to Leech: "Shall we have a walk in the woods? The weather is nice, and if we climb a tree, we can see a long way in the distance".
"No thank you", Leech replied politely, "It's warm, I like to take a swim, the water is nice, come join me?"

"I'll go alone then", Tick sounded slightly offended as he marched off heading for a nearby tree. While Leech slithered like a small snake to the brook.

As the hours passed, Tick waited patiently in his tree, until a man passed, and then he eagerly waited till the man was close enough... and jumped. A small comfortable spot behind the man's ear allowed him to get a decent grip.

Said Tick to Leech, from high above the water surface: "Hah, I found a good spot, with wonderful food". Said Leech: "You are feeding, and making your host sick. I am feeding but curing him". "Gah", Tick replied, with snickering malicious pleasure, "He doesn't even know I am here, but YOU, he will sweep you away, you slow fat sucker".

And it happened as Tick predicted, the man swept away Leech and his numerous brothers, and continued home. Tick fed, became sleepy and lazy, and let himself drop on the nearby couch.
And slept soundly and without regret.

Such is life, unfair....
Whether the man will fall ill remains to be seen
Whether leeches will cure him?
That's so far in the future, we're not psychic!


Little ditty, written with malicious pleasure,
by Darren White
December 12, 2016


Staff member
Delightful- never thought I'd feel warmly towards a tick and a leech but you made them quite likable. As you know I love writing about all our non-talking friends and now I'll put ticks and leeches in my protected category. Cute and lovable prose poetry...

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