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Thought I'd drop in. (1 Viewer)

Hi, I'm AquaticIdealist. I am an avid writer of fiction, though none of it has been good enough to share with others. I am currently writing fanfics like mad on FF.net, but I'm sure that site isn't really considered an actual writer's community. I am using those fanfics as practice for when I can really write something completely original. They help me practice with different genres and styles.

I'm hardly a forum person, so I might pop my head in from time to time. Some of you might know me from places like Fanfiction.net, as I mentioned earlier, or The Temple of Kraden, or even the Legend of the Emblem. The latter two are forums that I used to wander around in.

I am overjoyed to find a site with fellow writers, and I'd be glad to discuss the art of Literature with you find folks.

It seems that my main problem as of now is Characterization, and, thus, I'm working on that. But, meh, I've heard that many writers critique their work like mad while others find it good. I've been getting a lot of blind praise, lately, and it makes me sick.

So, well, that's all I can really say about myself for now. Thanks for letting me in your humble abode!


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Hi there AquaticIdealist and welcome to Writing Forums from a fellow FF.Net member. I hope you will have heaps of fun here and will make new friends :)

~ Shinn

Dr. Malone

As long as your writing, it doesn't matter WHAT you're writing. Just practice, practice, practice.

And welcome.

Queen of Dorks

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Interesting handle AquaticIdealist, I love to write fiction too, however my ability lies in the short story section rather then the novel kind. I love to critique other peoples work but in return for taking the time to do it properly I just simply ask that they do the same when judging my work.


Hello and welcome to the community, AquaticIdealist. Unfortunately WF doesn't allow fanfiction of course, but I certainly look forward to reading your original work. Enjoy!
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