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I've read the three (Red Dragon, Silence, and Hannibal), and I think Harris is highly rated considering his low turnover. Maybe that's what makes him so good.

Lecter is probably the best, most malicious character in modern literature, and I wish I'd thought of him.

Yes, all three are exceptionally well written books that slide across genres (I think Dragon and Silence are thrillers, while Hannibal is horror).


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absolutely brilliant writer, its sad how people like Dan Brown are so well known but people who create amazing characters like Lector are unheard of, I mean we all know of Lector but never Harris.


I confess ive only read Hannibal but ive seen the movies of all three. If it wasnt for the movie version of Silence of the Lambs know one would have even heard of Hannibal Lecter. The book is underrated ..and for those who have read it will know that it it much better and way more indepth (but this is usually the case with book to movie transitions).


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Great author. In fact, Hannibal (without giving anything away) is the only book that gave me the shivers. Those last four pages are superb.