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Hey Guys,

Just wondering what general plans people have this year for their novels. Genre? Characters? Plot? Setting?

This year i'm trying a new genre, i've never written Sci-fi before so i decided to give it a try. Anyways, im doing Apocalyptic Sci-fi, so my setting is a post apocalyptic world. As for plot...well...**Cough** we'll see eventually...

(AKA: theres none really...)


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I enjoy not being too prepared for nano...

The only goal I have with nano is 50k in 30 days... Last year was the same. I am not trying to write a novel that can be published.

This year I am writing a dares novel. I will have one or two MC's that will be on a quest and I am going to shove as many dares as I can from the dares thread on the nano forums.

When I am done I will index all the dares at the end of the novel... just for the hell of it.


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I don't have a plot. I don't have a main character, nor an antagonist. All I have is my preworked fantasy world with map sketches and a list of interesting names for characters and places :) And I know that my genre is going to be some form of fantasy.

I tried to plan a story for last year's Nano, but I ended up scrapping it just before Nano started. I was still able to win Nano by writing the stuff that popped into my mind as I went along. I managed to keep the genre in fantasy, and the whole experience was kind of liberating. It was pretty fun to do at times, especially with the black humour that slipped unexpectedly into my Nano :)


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I have some general ideas for stuff to do in a story worked out, but nothing concrete yet. I was thinking of doing it kind of journal/blog style from the POV of a fiction character, but I dunno if that would really count.


I plan on doing a general fiction and/or suspense novel. The whole story will be told from the POV of a guy looking down the barrel of a gun, held by his best friend - who will most likely kill him in the end of the book.
I'm going to try my best to get the word count. I haven't written anything in two weeks just to be prepared. I've got a bunch of thoughts bottled up.


Post apocalyptical? Dark Tower style or Hellgate:London?

Anyway, I'm doing literary. Sigh. Maybe romance, but romance means happy endings, and that, I'm afraid, would be too forced for my idea. Who knows, maybe.


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I think that my plan is to go with something that I cooked up a short bit ago. It'd fall under general fiction, I think. I have a character at least mentally fleshed out. Going to be a three part deal, even have titles! A Husband's Nightmare, A Husband's Revenge, A Husband's Salvation.