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This might be a joke (1 Viewer)


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When did everything get so complicated? I think it might have been simpler before we understood anything, but now it’s all quantum theory, you know? Like, You start looking close enough and all the sudden the rules are changing, the quarks are popping in and out counter-intuitively. The unified theory isn’t going to happen and if you can’t get it all at once, you really aren’t getting anything, you know? So, we can explain this part and that part but never both, trapping ourselves in an infinite regress somewhere between the socratic knowing-nothing-to-know-everything and the feeble actuality of not knowing a goddamn thing.
Here I am jumping from platitude to platitude like charged particles in the cummulus, and the calculus of my understanding always approaches but never reaches the limit of wise coordinates on the plane of ideas. Yeah, the physical world is not the only one, and I’m starting to figure this out / remember it. It’s also becoming clear that, like the earth, the world of ideas is round. Shit, we already know that, we’ve all seen the mixed marriages of hedonism and nihlism, old school liberalism with neo-conservatism. It’s a philosophical pacman-effect not unlike the homophobic denial-case who occupies the pragmatically-adjacent points on the extremities of the spectrum, it’s the magnetic attraction between polar oposites and the realignment of magnetic fields making opposites no longer so. Life’s a freaking yin-yang with each of the dots split by the same sinuos line artificially dividing the whole circle and with microdots inside the dots and it goes like that all the way down to… to what?
We all live alone in our own universe. Yeah, you’ve heard that, but I mean, really, literaly. An inconceivable 360 degree unobstructed perception that witnesses everything at once, all places and all times, your own horrifying 4 dimensional object, a single nano-unit of which would fry your brain and lock you a way for the rest of your imaginary life, yet still it inhabits you, violating your ignorance. You tessel all of those together, everone’s own shape and then you’ve got your whole, you’re looking at god and he/she/it/everything/nothing is a concious being. It’s self aware and it’s a hideous/beautiful diaroma of the instant of creation/extinction. God perceives the infinite dimensions and yet exists in multiple infinites of dimensions that he cannot perceive. She’s moving across those wholes, and when it moves into the visible specrum THERE IS LIGHT LIFE EVERYTHING and when he moves to the metaphorically infrared and ultraviolet THERE IS DARK DEATH NOTHING but the motion is all graphed into yet another static shape as immutable as death
and we’re already at that point in our eternal unchanging life,
a lucid nightmare of accelerating stillness.

Flexbile Garphite

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There is no present, only a past filled with horror, and a future we can only dream of. Humans were built to withstand the flow of time, and whether you like it or not, the Universe is infinitely more complex than any imaginable human realm.


Does it really matter if we don't know everything? You sound kinda cleverer than me, I only see things really as they are relevant for humans. Science is not really about understanding everything in our Universe, it's about the fun of exploring it, thinking intelligently and losing yourself in debate after debate. Is God real? We'll never know this question but some people think he's real, some don't. The world may be accelerating slowness to you, to another person (say an uneducated farmer) it might be simple and nice, to a priest it could be about spirital learning, to a scientist the "quest for knowledge is the noblest human endevour". It's all about your point of view, you see the world your way and other people see it in another.

Flexbile Garphite

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It doesn't matter if we don't know everything. I'm not saying it does. We just have to accept that our minds are limited, and we must apply our resources in ways that are beneficial. It is hard for a human not to see things as they are relevant to humans. I disagree with your definition of what science is about; I think science is the philosophy of developing theories and models for our world that allow us to develop better tools and procedures for everyday life, to make life easier. You could argue, however, that many scientific advances did not make life easier, but in fact made it more complex. Science is not about debate. Debate is about debate. Science is rooted in bias. Is God real? Definitely yes, in the minds of some. If God is so important to so many people, how can we deny his (its) existence? That would be unfair. To me, God does not exist, because if he did, he'd be punishing me in worse ways than I'm being punished now. I have told God several times to strike me down with a bolt of lightning and he has never listened.

I agree that there is no one way to view the world, and everyone exists within their own realm of space-time. The act of moving through space separates two objects in time. Even your hand is experiencing time at a different rate than your mouth, or feet. Fortunately the difference is small enough for your body to be contiguous.

That said... I have often wondered, "why am I inhabiting this body, in this city? Why was I given the parents I was? Why am I alive at this time in human history? Why not fifty years ago? Why not fifteen years from now? Why not fifty thousand years ago? Why am I not a squirrel, a dog, a rabbit, a dragonfly? Why am I a man? How come I wake up every morning in the same bed, my intelligence inhabiting the same brain and body? It cannot be a random choice, it is as if I have been given this life, this chance to be a human. What does this mean for me when I die? Will I decrescendo into nothingness? Will I meet God, and will he tell me, 'Son... you idiot. You should have believed. What were you thinking?'"

I have trouble answering those questions, but I have spent some time thinking about them, and I have come to two conclusions:

1. I don't really feel the need or see the purpose in answering those questions
2. I hope there is something after death... something... anything (as long as it ain't burning in hell)

I have come to a third conclusion, however, upon examination of this and other things. My conclusion is on the subject of choice. I believe choice is an illusion, but it is an illusion that we must partake in. And by this I mean the future is already there, it is already set in stone, and there is nothing we can do about it. If we had supercomputers powerful enough, we could take the path, orientation, and trajectory of every particle and ray in the Universe and we would be able to predict everything, down to the last minute detail. But we don't have computers that powerful, and we never will, and that is why choice is an illusion. Randomness is an illusion. Nothing is random, because the macro forces of the Universe are not random, they are predictable and concrete; some might argue that it is in fact the micro forces of the Universe that are random. I disagree. If my choice to turn left or right while driving my car is based on the randomness of the London dispersion forces between the water molecules in my body, then kill me now. I have control over my life. Control is not an illusion, choice is. But the ability to choose makes us feel like we have control. We are in control of our lives, but our decisions are not free will. We do what we want, and we are comfortable and free (well-- most of us are), but that is not a choice. We weren't allowed to choose to have the parents we do. We didn't choose to be human. We didn't choose to be men or women. It just happened. And such is life, it just happens. I embrace the illusion of choice, because makes me feel like I am in control. But at the end of the day, you're just a walking, breathing, thinking hunk of hydrocarbons, organic polymers, water, nitrogen, iron, and phosporus (along with a few trace elements or inorganic chemcial pollutants).

Don't think I am relinquishing the human responsibility for one's actions. That is not it at all... we all can choose to be good people, to live good lives, to be happy and healthy and to want the same thing for other people as well. Choice, while an illusion, is still a powerful thing. I believe life is already set in stone, from beginning to end, past and future, but we, as humans (or animals in general) have no idea what's going to happen while living that life. Five years ago, I didn't think I would be where I am now. Now, I try to predict where I will be five years from now, but I know that it will probably be different from what I imagine. Many things could affect my life between now and then. So my third conclusion is this: as a human, with limited intellectual ability, if I embrace life and accept the things I cannot change, I will make choices that will allow me to take an active part in my future. My life is like a movie being filmed, and I have been the camera man for too long.

Well... you have sparked my interest with this thread. I'd like to hear your thoughts on all this. Bye for now.