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This Lifetime on Earth
Sandy Andrew
BookSurge, LLC
ISBN: 1-4196-0726-X
Religion and Spirituality
Reviewed by Tami Brady

This Lifetime on Earth outlines the concept of Universal Learning. Universal Learning encompasses all of the lessons learned and life events that an individual experiences during a particular life. The framework of Universal Learning is twelve universal laws: emotional control; love; karma; action and effect; preordination; incarnation characteristic; protection; time; guidance; learning, restoration; and free will. These laws act as guidelines for an individual during his or her life journey to find out who they are, why they were born, and how they can achieve success during their life on Earth.

This Lifetime on Earth is extremely well written and intriguing. The author has organized the information contained in this book in such a way that even the most complex portions of this concept are easy to understand. Moreover, this work is also presented in a broad-minded manner that urges the reader to use his or her own personal interpretation of concepts such as God to fully comprehend the purpose and potential usefulness of the material presented.