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This is my totally original greeting (1 Viewer)


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It's such a totally original greeting. Or not. It doesn't really matter if it is or not, does it?

So! Ahoy, there! I have dubbed myself FMK, though most of the people who know me call me Jedi (there are several reasons for that nickname, none of which are important). Before you ask, yes, FMK does have a meaning: they're my initials. Or at least, the initials of the name I'm planning on publishing under. My pseudonym is going to be the name of one of my characters. Totally original. Anyway, my goal is to use this name to one day create a cherished collection of words and sentences, a household name, if you will. Kind of a lofty goal for a sixteen-year-old, but nothing's ever been able to discourage me from my passion of writing.

I try to keep my vanity to a bear minimum, so this is where I'll end my totally original greeting. Hi! ^_^