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Thinking (1 Viewer)


Flow Of Life,
On Every stage of life,
Thinking will change.

So, don't try to,
Look for childhood thinking or any other stage of thinking.

And everyone has?
Their own thinking & Understanding Level.

Everyone has their own personality.
Just know them in that way?

And you can not change the thinking of your parents to.
Generation gap thinking,
So do not get angry on them,
what have they seen,
they are just telling you that much.

Flow Of Time,
On Every stage of life,
Thinking will change.


WF Veterans
The formatting on these pieces are a little odd, making it harder to read. Overall, a good concept. S1, L2 clip life, it is redundant. Grammer and formatting could also use some serious attention, as it seems almost haphazard. Editing would denfinitely up the impact of rhe piece.

- D.
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