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When I entered the eighth grade my social skills were almost non existant. I had never really spent alot of time with other kids. The only real contact I had with kids my own age was when I played softball in the summer. In eighth grade I was very self conscious about how I looked. Now. I went to a private Christian school in Oklahoma. At first I wanted to go there. I thought finally I will be able to make some friends. Well things don't work that way in private schools. It doesn't matter if it is a "Christian" school or not. Most of the kids who attended this school had money. Well.... let me rephrase that. Most of the kids who went to this school had parents who had money. My first day at this school was a nightmare. I spent most of the first day in the bathroom balling my eyes out because most of the senior guys had made fun of me. I actually had a girl in my class highlight my hair while she was sitting behind me. ANd since it was a little school it wasn't like you could disapear into the crowd. My clothes were bought at the thrift store. AND BELIEVE ME they looked it. It's not like we couldn't afford to buy nicer clothes, my mom just liked shopping at those places. I acctually tried to tell her that I didn't like shopping there and that I didn't want to shop there. We ended up getting into a fight and she backhanded me in the nose. So I was not off to a good start in this school. Not to mention I have extremely curly hair and when it is brushed it afros. So I had this big hair and retarded looking clothe and I was slightly over weight. As you can imagine i made quite the target. Everyday the teasing was relentless. From september to march I was teased everyday of my life. ANd it didn't help that I went home my mom kept calling me fat. Spring was my favorite time of year. "Why?" you ask. Because in March softball season began. Now I wasn't the best by any means but, I was good enough to start every single game. Our softball team hadn't made it to the finals in a long time. That year we came in second. I guessed when they realized that I was good at something they let up. I was wrong. But payback is sweet. But more on that later. The spring was my favorite time of year because I never got tormented. I just wish it had been that way all year.


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angel, dear... it will read better if you divide it into paragraphs... it's hard to wade through a big block like this, so i don't even try... i suspect many others feel the same way, so i think you'll get more comments if you structure it...

btw, on posts, you have to use line spaces, because indents don't work...

love and hugs, maia
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