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The Woes of TMJ (1 Viewer)


I’ve never in my life felt such a pain! I was rolling around on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. You would think I was dying! It sure felt like I was. Some unbelievable pain in my ears, I begged my mother to take me to the doctors. PLEASE take me to the doctors!! So she rushes me into the car. I remember leaning back in the seat think “oh dear God I hope I’m not dying…please let me live….make this stop….can’t You do anything? You probably made this pain; can You make it go away?” I don’t think He answered me, and if He did I probably wouldn’t have heard Him over my screaming.

We finally get to the doctors (I could have swore that was the longest car ride I’ve ever taken). I try to rush in, but I lost my breath from crying so hard, looks like running isn’t an option. I suppose power walking will have to do. Oh I can’t breathe enough for that either. Fine I’ll walk slow…really slow.

I get inside and by then I had tried to muster up enough strength to not cry in front of all these strangers, but to h%!! with that! This hurts badly! Let the tears fall!! I get in the room and sit on the hard table with the sheets of whatever form of paper that stuff is. I’ve always found it entertaining how much noise you can make with that stuff, but today I wasn’t about noise…I just wanted this pain in my ears to go away. So my doctor comes in and says “How are we today?”…Oh perfectly fine, I just think I’m DYING! He looked in my ears. Nothing. He asked me to open and close my mouth while he had his hands right next to my ears….”Ahhh there it is!” There what is? What is it? Can it come off?

He walks over to my mother and says I have TMJ. My mom laughs (as if this is a time for laughing! I have TM, whatever the crap that is.). She says “What’s that stand for? To Much Jabber?” Haha mother, very funny! You could be a stand up comedian! TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. I always said I was going to die from a disease that I couldn’t say…He explains what the TMJ is to my mother, and all I can hear is “Blah blah blah”. Come on! Can anyone bring me drugs for this? He then tries to explain it to me. He drew me a picture of a face, pointing to the jaw, and the little place below the ear where your jaw muscles are. I guess he said I use mine to much. I do things like grinding my teeth in my sleep, chewing a lot of gum, and according to my mother talking to much. The doctor hands my mom a piece of paper (which held gold on it, the prescription for my drugs!) and before we left the doctor gave me some drugs to take there, just to ease my pain sooner. How nice of him to finally get around to taking care of this pain!!!

this is never a writing that I intend to get anywhere....I just felt like journaling my pains with TMJ by writing about them. This is the first chapter.....of my TMJ book...