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The Wings of a Fly (prelude to fractured fairytales) (1 Viewer)


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The Wings of a Fly

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zap

in the corner of my eye I see a fly
buzzing by near to my eye
making me sigh as it flies by
wings rushing towards the sky
flying away from my eye
soaring high for a fly

why oh why does it want to die
flying so high in the sky
does it cry for the other fly
that did die when it flew
into my eye

I swatted that little black fly
who flew in my eye
that did defy and deny
her right to fly
by buzzing by my eye
causing the little fly to die
never saying good-bye to you
who flies so high away
from my eye towards the sky
crying for the little fly
who in suicide succeeded
in her wish to die
by flying in my eye

I sigh from the sty
that's in my eye from that fly
who flew in my eye
wondering why she wanted to die
never hearing her cry for it was you
that made her want to die
by seeing through your lie
about an affair with another fly
leaving her high and dry
to explode and die
in my teary eye

who do you cry for
as you fly towards the sky
away from my accusing eye
for your sin of deceit and lust
where my eye holds her
remaining dust
for it was not I who made her die
it was you who led her in my eye
you who were once a mighty fly
turn away from the sky
set your wings on downward path
cleanse yourself from damnation's wrath
now it’s time for you to die
fly oh fly in my other eye

I weep
as I wait
for your reply

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Plop

note: please forgive me about posting this annoying mono-rhyme. There are two of these, they are preludes of a sort to fractured fairytales. Two of my poems once upon a cat and on the mercy of a spider hinge on these fly poems. again my apologizes



Staff member
What a fun poem, bob.

I never reliased so many words rhymed with fly! Have your written about mosquitoes? :)